Hi friends! Calli here! Welcome, and thank you for checking out my page! A quick introduction about myself is that I’m a sixteen year old, who loves the Lord, and has a heart and passion for pretty much anything creative! I am a strong advocator of following your dreams, and working hard to do so. I have had an itch for a while now to start blogging, and every time I’ve come close to, something has stood in my way, (sometimes even my own doubt/insecurities)! So after a lengthy process of about 5 minutes of thinking, I decided to go for it! Please bear with me, as I “try” to organize my thoughts and establish name for myself on this blog! I hope you enjoy this blog and can even find ways to be encouraged by what you read! If so, please subscribe and I’ll update you with the constant craziness and excitement that happens in the everyday life of “Calli Angeline!”

Sincerely, Calli