DIY Glitter Heels

I am so excited to finally share this DIY with you all! This is my super simple and easy to follow tutorial for how i up-cycled some thrifted heels of mine, by giving them a new shine! (Pun intended!)

1.) I started by taping off sections of my shoes and covering the parts I didn’t want effected by the glitter, with tape!

2.) Next I took some “Mod Podge” fabric glue (although any type will probably work just as well), and painted on the parts of the shoe I wanted to embellish! 

3.) Then I cleared a spot to apply the glitter in my workspace, and lightly poured the flecks over the wet glue! 

(Note: you can also lightly brush glitter over the more intricate and harder to reach parts of your shoe!)

4.) Once that step is completed, lift up the shoe and give it a light tap, to shake off all the pieces of glitter that weren’t effected by the glue, and let the remainders fall! 

5.) When your shoes are completely dry, lay them down with the glitter sides facing up and carefully brush or spray over an adhesive or sealant. This makes the glitter permanently secure when your shoes are finally ready to show off!

Here are some pictures of what the end result of this DIY might look like! 

As always, thanks for reading and talk to you soon!💋 


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