LA Part 1. 

Over spring break I had an amazing opportunity to visit one of my favorite cities for a missions trip, and was absolutely ecstatic about serving! I couldn’t wait to spend a week volunteering in homeless shelters, while being located in the heart of skid row. But despite all my preparedness and expectations for the week, little did I know, God had something far greater in mind.

The day we arrived in LA and settled in to our home for the next week, our trip was flipped upside down. Our schedule had been completely rearranged due to miss communication, (which in the moment was difficult, but later made for some fun laughs!) We were waking up hours before we were scheduled to serve and staying up late into the night debriefing on our days there; as well as serving in completely different outreaches than were originally planned. To add to that,  everyone on our team was walking through something difficult prior to the trip, which made for an even more emotional experience! All that to say, despite the unexpected circumstances, God stretched my entire team and I, in ways we never imagined.

We endured tears, breakdowns, exhaustion and still managed to have an amazing trip, and make even better memories. Although we didn’t serve in the areas we expected, each and every one of us saw the phrase come to fruition: “When we are week, He is strong.” God completely shifted my perspective, on the importance of what I value, and has been working on and humbling me everyday since that trip!
Thanks for reading & can’t wait to share more soon! ❤ 


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