DIY Deer Makeup

Oh Deer! Halloween is around the corner and if you’re still looking for a fun costume or makeup tutorial this is the way to go! Here’s the steps I used for creating this look! 

  • First, start by contouring your face according to your shape! (sides of your forehead, along the sides of your nose, and under your cheekbones.)
  • Next, highlight your checks and top of your nose!
  • Then, contour your eyes with neutral and brown shadows, and apply the shades on the inside (corner) of your eyelid and work your way out using a blending technique, making your eyes appear bigger!
  • Next line your eyes with black liquid liner making a cat eye look, and add mascara! 
  • With a black eye pencil, create the deer nose!
  • Finally use a white lip or eye pencil to draw the deer spots on your upper eyelid!
  • Optional: break off some small twigs in your yard and secure them in your hair to make antlers!

Hope you have fun with this look if you decide to try it, and if so, I recommend wearing a faux fur vest to complete the look! 


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