The Lush Effect 

A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty down, going throughout my days feeling depressed and unhappy. Although I was aware of my emotions I could tell that my body was physically drained I needed some replenishing quiet time! That weekend I bought my very first lush bath bomb, titled “twilight.” As soon i was ready to use it, I hopped in the tub with the bath bomb in hand, held it in the water, and watched it fill the tub beautiful hues of teal, violet, and fuchsia! As I sat back and listened to the soft crackling of the bath bomb I immediately felt relaxed, and after a few minutes the ball completely dissolved leaving the most dreamy purple color, shimmering throughout the tub! The bath bomb also had herbal essence, and hints of lavender and cocoa butter, that left my skin feeling smooth and moisturized! Any time you’re feeling down, this home remedy is sure to cheer you up and leave you feeling refreshed!


Sincerely, Calli❤️


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