Summer Mocktails 

Growing up, I would leap at any opportunity, or excuse to act more mature than my age. I remember one christmas dinner from when I was about six, where I requested a glass of ‘martinellis’ sparking cider in a wine glass, then proceed to talk like an adulat after having one two many sips of wine! (as if I even knew what I was talking about!) To cut to the chase my post today is a recipe for a summer mocktail! (If you don’t know what it is, this is a nonalcoholic beverage! With all the fun and flavor of an adult drink!) Here is a simple recipe to get you stated! 

1.) Concoct your favorite homemade or store bought lemonade drink! (I usually make mine from scratch, with a combination of fresh squeezed Meyer lemons, sugar, water, and frozen blueberries for color!) 

2.) next Grab a fun glass from your pantry (canning jar used in picture), take a slice of lemon, and rub the rim of your glass with the lemon juice. Then, either sprinkle or dip granulated sugar on the rim with lemon juice! (Replicating a martini!) 

Finally, pour your delicious summer drink into your glass with some ice, and a slice of lemon wedge, and/or a sprig of mint for garnish, and enjoy!❤️ 


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