When I woke up on February 14th, I had no idea how truly magical the day was going to be! I arrived at school and found my boyfriend waiting for me with a “Good Morning” hug, a valentine, and the coffee he gives me regularly, but today it was in the most darling painted ceramic mug! This was such a sweet gesture and my day was instantly brightened!

Still sipping my coffee I arrived at my first class and recieved another Valentine! My teacher had a giant smile on her face and cheerfully said, “Aww! Calli!” Waving me up to the front of the class, she handed me a cute little gift box covered in shiny heart wrapping paper! Neither she nor I could wait to see what was inside. It was a GIANT CHOCOLATE KISS! The box even came with a tiny stuffed puppy carrying a heart in his mouth! Of course, it was from Mac Gregor!!!

During my first break, I was approached by a couple of Mac Gregor’s friends acting a little silly and giddy to be running a romantic errand. They handed me a HUGE jar of my all-time favorite candy: CONVERSATION HEARTS! My boyfriend has a way of showering me with sweetness all the time, but I was beginning to see a pattern! It seemed that something special was around every corner!

Next class! YEP?! Another sweet delivery made it my way. This time I found a framed photo booth picture from Homecoming, the night we started officially dating! I mean, really! He out-gifted me already and it’s only 3rd period!

My hands could barley hold all of these sweet goodies! I was dropping things all over the place! UGH! My heart was so full and I haven’t even told you about lunch yet. I was super excited to surprise HIM at lunch. I had an oversized cursive “love” balloon that I was going to place across the windshield of his truck. He was going to be so surprised! He’d never expect that! The balloon was tucked inside my car, which was convenient because I also needed to off-load all of this precious loot, but………

HE DECORATED MY CAR FIRST!!! How did this even happen?! It was like my car had been T.P.’d by Cupid! It was decked out with sparkly hearts, heart-eye emojis, a garland of paper conversation hearts across the windshield and love notes!!!

You guys! I’m not a bragger, I’m just documenting facts that actually happened. I know, because I was pinching myself all day long!

I was feeling so spoiled and loved! When I sat down to eat my lunch, another teacher came bearing gifts. She handed me a heart shaped box of chocolate. At second glance I realized that this was no ordinary box of chocolates. No. PERSONALIZED M&M’S!! AAAUUUGH! They had pictures of us on them! I can’t make this stuff up! Each candy had a different message on it: “Happy Valentines Day”, “I love you”, and the actual sweetest one of all, “Princess Calli!”

“How can it get better than this?” I chuckled to myself!

My heart completely melted and when I greeted him to go into our last class of the day together, a giant stuffed Teddy Bear was sitting on my desk! By “giant” I mean I babysit kids the size of this Teddy Bear. But! That’s not all! When I went to move it I found a present attached to the bears big paw! I had to unwrap it and you guys, it was a bottle of fragrance, Tom Ford perfume!!!! I can’t!

Seriously?! Did he really give me Valentine’s gifts all day long?! Yep. I’m a mess. All these genuine gestures led to happy tears, because his extravagant style of gifting, always reminds me of God’s extravagant love!

I’m not gonna lie, I do enjoy receiving gifts, who doesn’t?! Honestly, I would have been smitten with just the coffee in the morning! But in addition to the gifts, my most favorite thing of all is that each sweet gift that was handed to me, came with an even sweeter card! I am in HEAVEN!!!

But little did I know that was just the beginning of the day!

Follow along to read part 2… Coming very soon! As always thanks for reading and being a part of my life! 🙂

XOXO, Calli!