DIY Glitter Heels

I am so excited to finally share this DIY with you all! This is my super simple and easy to follow tutorial for how i up-cycled some thrifted heels of mine, by giving them a new shine! (Pun intended!)

1.) I started by taping off sections of my shoes and covering the parts I didn’t want effected by the glitter, with tape!

2.) Next I took some “Mod Podge” fabric glue (although any type will probably work just as well), and painted on the parts of the shoe I wanted to embellish! 

3.) Then I cleared a spot to apply the glitter in my workspace, and lightly poured the flecks over the wet glue! 

(Note: you can also lightly brush glitter over the more intricate and harder to reach parts of your shoe!)

4.) Once that step is completed, lift up the shoe and give it a light tap, to shake off all the pieces of glitter that weren’t effected by the glue, and let the remainders fall! 

5.) When your shoes are completely dry, lay them down with the glitter sides facing up and carefully brush or spray over an adhesive or sealant. This makes the glitter permanently secure when your shoes are finally ready to show off!

Here are some pictures of what the end result of this DIY might look like! 

As always, thanks for reading and talk to you soon!💋 


LA Part 1. 

Over spring break I had an amazing opportunity to visit one of my favorite cities for a missions trip, and was absolutely ecstatic about serving! I couldn’t wait to spend a week volunteering in homeless shelters, while being located in the heart of skid row. But despite all my preparedness and expectations for the week, little did I know, God had something far greater in mind.

The day we arrived in LA and settled in to our home for the next week, our trip was flipped upside down. Our schedule had been completely rearranged due to miss communication, (which in the moment was difficult, but later made for some fun laughs!) We were waking up hours before we were scheduled to serve and staying up late into the night debriefing on our days there; as well as serving in completely different outreaches than were originally planned. To add to that,  everyone on our team was walking through something difficult prior to the trip, which made for an even more emotional experience! All that to say, despite the unexpected circumstances, God stretched my entire team and I, in ways we never imagined.

We endured tears, breakdowns, exhaustion and still managed to have an amazing trip, and make even better memories. Although we didn’t serve in the areas we expected, each and every one of us saw the phrase come to fruition: “When we are week, He is strong.” God completely shifted my perspective, on the importance of what I value, and has been working on and humbling me everyday since that trip!
Thanks for reading & can’t wait to share more soon! ❤ 

Life Hack No. 1

I have recently noticed that I am constantly reminding myself the importance of setting goals. Life always seems to be throwing something new at me and more than often, it can become overwhelming. When this happens, I tell myself to take a step back and re-evaluate; and setting goals is one way I accomplish this.
A goal I want to share with you today, is Blogging more! Writing has always had a special place in my heart and I often take for granted the simple joys of sharing my life stories with people! I hope these next upcoming months I can focus on what I want this blog to be about, and share more about my life with you!
Thanks for reading and talk to you soon!💋

New Year Resolutions 

Since this is the very FIRST week of 2017 I thought I would share a little bit on my top New Years resolution! Being the procrastinator that I am, I have a difficult time finishing things. I seem to have no problem starting projects or coming up with ideas, but following through on them has not been my strong suit. More than often I am starting things and leaving them unfinished giving me little time to put my best foot forward. Creating stress and uncertainty in my daily life. I hope that by making this declaration, I will be able to focus and put my mind to these things that I have let slip. Whether it is a school or work deadline, I want this year to be different. I will not let doubt, insecurities, or laziness slow me down from living a happy and full life!

Thank you for reading and have a blessed year!❤️

A year of thrifting 

Hello, and thank you for reading! I am so excited to share something that has really been on my mind! Here is what I recently posted on my Instagram:

This 2017 I have made an incentive for myself that this year I plan to follow: Fashion has always played a big role in my life, and I want to prove to myself that unique style doesn’t come from money or the latest trends. I intend to only buy new clothes if it is a bare necessity, and challenge myself and my creative mind with second hand shopping and up-cycling! Too often I take privileges like ‘clothing’ for granted, and want to walk into this new year with an open heart. I’m so excited to share this process and hope it inspires some of you too!💋

Thank you again, I hope you follow my fashion journies this year, and are inspired to create some of your own inspiring incentives this new year!❤️

Holiday Family Photos 

Yesterday I had the privledge of taking holiday photos for some family friends of mine, and the whole experience brought me so much joy! It really shows through each picture and I hope you check them out! Thanks for reading!❤️ 

Rain or Shine 

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, in life, and in our professions. Being a photographer occasionally calls for unexpected weather or scenery changes, but in spite of that working with what you have and making the best out of that experience, is a lesson worth learning! Here are a few of my faves from yesterdays shoot! Check them out and more on my Instagram!❤️