I had to interrupt what has turned out to be a very busy spring break to share with you this darling outfit i received in my Easter basket! On top of an already exciting and memorable Sunday morning, I went over to my boyfriends house to find that his mom had planned a HUGE egg hunt for the two of us! And it ended with finding some of the most adorable spring outfits, and only a few minor bruises (wink, wink, I’m very competitive, guilty as charged)! So naturally… I had to take a quick moment and talk up this look! This is by far my favorite athletic outfit I have ever owned! I absolutely love the bright spring floral patter (I mean… how could you not?!) and it is so comfortable! Not to mention, affordable for high performance athletic wear, is extremely versatile and super easy to style with other pieces in your closet! I can’t wait to sport this outfit at the gym or simply while enjoying this beautiful spring forecast! Thanks for reading, and ladies, I hope you get a chance to try out these cute sets from Lorna Jane! You won’t be disappointed!

As always, thanks for reading and being a part of my journey! XO. Calli!

Here is a link to the wanderlust bra and top shown above! https://www.lornajane.com/-collection/-sports-bras/wanderlust-sports-bra/p-021834_WANPR




Continuing the magic of last Wednesday I want to finish the story and tell you PART TWO! Do you have a tissue… I’m crying just replaying it back! OK! Here we go!

I honestly could not believe how the day was turning out! I was speechless.

I had some time to kill  before Prince Charming picked me up for our SECRET DATE! Ahhhhh! For those of you who know, I can’t stand surprises! But I was absolutely giddy over this one! I had just enough time to get ready, grab his gift, and photograph all the presents he had given me at school, before he arrived.

He looked dreamy the moment he stepped out of the car, as ALWAYS! My mom shot some pictures of us and then we were off! I was crazy excited wondering where we were going!

He drove me to the top of a super cute neighborhood, parked, and like a perfect gentleman asked me if i wanted to change into flats. Yep! He knew i would be wearing heels. UGH! He gets me! He put his arm out and led me up the hill for a sunset climb.

We were laughing all the way up to the top, and a few slips and slides later we were there. Wow! It was right out of a chick flick! ALL the lights of the city were shining like stars. It was beautiful! As we stepped closer something magical caught my eye! CANDLES IN THE SHAPE OF A HEART LINED WITH ROSE PETALS! WHAT?! AM I LIVING IN A HALLMARK MOVIE?!

SO… you can probably imagine what came next! SLOW DANCING… IN THE HEART! It was beyond romantic! Dancing under the stars, my head on his shoulder, I started to cry! ALL at once it hit me. Never before had I felt so loved and cherished by someone. The way he romances me is unlike anything else is world, and he doesn’t do it for the show! He is truly the most humble and sincere person I know!

I can’t forget to mention that there were also the most DELICIOUS chocolate strawberries waiting up there too! and then we headed down for the next exciting surprise!!!

Before dinner we stopped at his house to exchange gifts! Well, as you know I already had gifts all day long, but I thought he was going to open the gift I had prepared for him. Although, his parents got me gifts too!!! What even?! They gave me the most darling presents and I was tearing up AGAIN! The love and honor that this family showers me with daily is an incredible gift! I am so so humbled to be in their lives and I couldn’t help but cry tears of true JOY!!!

He then handed me a card with the most sincere and precious note in it that I almost started sobbing! The words he wrote were so genuine and it touched my heart so deeply, it was the biggest gift of them all. Yet, he presented me with a TIFFANY BAG which had matching earrings to the necklace he gave me for Christmas?! WHAT IS LIFE?!?

GAWH! After, yes some MORE TEARS! I’m a cryer! (No shame), We were off to dinner with my makeup all cried off!

We pulled up to the most charming little Italian restaurant! It was the one he had been telling me all about! Family owned, by close family friends of theirs. He had grown up eating at this treasure of a restaurant and spent many special occasions there. He was introducing me to the owner when one of the servers brought me the most GORGEOUS roses in a glass vase! He set them on a desk and told me that they were too big for the table!! Macgregor had the sweetest smile on his face and had truly outdone himself. I love that he goes over the top to express his feelings. It warms my heart! What is so charming and rich is all of the planning involved, and the timing and execution. All of it blows my mind. I love giving gifts and I know that I may never be able to out gift him because he’s a fierce competitor, but something tells me that I’ll have a long, long time to try.

We sat down, enjoyed a gorgeous dinner, and it was over. Just like that! So when I say that this young man swooped in and swept me off my feet, after reading all of this you can understand why. He’s truly a prince!

I love you Macgregor! Xoxoxo.


When I woke up on February 14th, I had no idea how truly magical the day was going to be! I arrived at school and found my boyfriend waiting for me with a “Good Morning” hug, a valentine, and the coffee he gives me regularly, but today it was in the most darling painted ceramic mug! This was such a sweet gesture and my day was instantly brightened!

Still sipping my coffee I arrived at my first class and recieved another Valentine! My teacher had a giant smile on her face and cheerfully said, “Aww! Calli!” Waving me up to the front of the class, she handed me a cute little gift box covered in shiny heart wrapping paper! Neither she nor I could wait to see what was inside. It was a GIANT CHOCOLATE KISS! The box even came with a tiny stuffed puppy carrying a heart in his mouth! Of course, it was from Mac Gregor!!!

During my first break, I was approached by a couple of Mac Gregor’s friends acting a little silly and giddy to be running a romantic errand. They handed me a HUGE jar of my all-time favorite candy: CONVERSATION HEARTS! My boyfriend has a way of showering me with sweetness all the time, but I was beginning to see a pattern! It seemed that something special was around every corner!

Next class! YEP?! Another sweet delivery made it my way. This time I found a framed photo booth picture from Homecoming, the night we started officially dating! I mean, really! He out-gifted me already and it’s only 3rd period!

My hands could barley hold all of these sweet goodies! I was dropping things all over the place! UGH! My heart was so full and I haven’t even told you about lunch yet. I was super excited to surprise HIM at lunch. I had an oversized cursive “love” balloon that I was going to place across the windshield of his truck. He was going to be so surprised! He’d never expect that! The balloon was tucked inside my car, which was convenient because I also needed to off-load all of this precious loot, but………

HE DECORATED MY CAR FIRST!!! How did this even happen?! It was like my car had been T.P.’d by Cupid! It was decked out with sparkly hearts, heart-eye emojis, a garland of paper conversation hearts across the windshield and love notes!!!

You guys! I’m not a bragger, I’m just documenting facts that actually happened. I know, because I was pinching myself all day long!

I was feeling so spoiled and loved! When I sat down to eat my lunch, another teacher came bearing gifts. She handed me a heart shaped box of chocolate. At second glance I realized that this was no ordinary box of chocolates. No. PERSONALIZED M&M’S!! AAAUUUGH! They had pictures of us on them! I can’t make this stuff up! Each candy had a different message on it: “Happy Valentines Day”, “I love you”, and the actual sweetest one of all, “Princess Calli!”

“How can it get better than this?” I chuckled to myself!

My heart completely melted and when I greeted him to go into our last class of the day together, a giant stuffed Teddy Bear was sitting on my desk! By “giant” I mean I babysit kids the size of this Teddy Bear. But! That’s not all! When I went to move it I found a present attached to the bears big paw! I had to unwrap it and you guys, it was a bottle of fragrance, Tom Ford perfume!!!! I can’t!

Seriously?! Did he really give me Valentine’s gifts all day long?! Yep. I’m a mess. All these genuine gestures led to happy tears, because his extravagant style of gifting, always reminds me of God’s extravagant love!

I’m not gonna lie, I do enjoy receiving gifts, who doesn’t?! Honestly, I would have been smitten with just the coffee in the morning! But in addition to the gifts, my most favorite thing of all is that each sweet gift that was handed to me, came with an even sweeter card! I am in HEAVEN!!!

But little did I know that was just the beginning of the day!

Follow along to read part 2… Coming very soon! As always thanks for reading and being a part of my life! 🙂

XOXO, Calli!